1. Those of you that have lv Agendas, do you find you use them often? Also what refill do you recommend? Do you also by the address section? I am trying to decide today if I should purchase an agenda and matching pen. :yahoo:
  2. I have a red vernis agenda PM - and I've been using it daily for the past 2 years. For the pen I use a walkie pen from Neiman Marcus - it's like $20.00 and comes with a refill and fits where the LV pen would. For refills I'm still using the cerises refills.
  3. I've had the small ring mono agenda for 2 years now and I don't think I could live without it. I like that it's small enough to fit in my purse so that I can always carry it with me but I still have enough space to write down whatever I need to. I actually ended up with the cerises refill this year because they had one on Elux and it was just too cute to pass up. I also use the address book as I hate taking the time to enter all of my contacts into my Sidekick II.
  4. you have both the sidekick II and the agenda. Do you carry both all the time? Do you keep appointments in your agenda too?
  5. I use my Sidekick as my phone also so I always carry both of these with me. I really only use my Sidekick for email, phone, internet, and AIM. Other than that, I use my agenda for appointments, notes, etc.
  6. ok, then I guess i will go for the Agenda. Currently I use my sidekick for appointments and email only, but the koala agenda is just too cute to pass up. Does it only come in the pink and blue lining, I am not sure what inserts i should buy. What do you recommend?
  7. I think it's available with an orange interior also.
  8. It comes with 3 different linings. There's a light pink (rose) and a darker pink (fuschia) and the blue. for the Mono.

    The damier version has red lining.

    Sorry I'm not too expert on what kind of inserts they have tho!
  9. I think the pink looks better. But my SA warned me that it would show dirty too easily. So I would go with the blue.
  10. I called and the SA said that the agenda only came in pink, orange, blue and black. I really want the hot pinkl, Has anyone seen it? Also is the blue darker than the pinl?
  11. I thought the monogram koala agendas only came in pink and orange!! Does anybody have pics of the other colors? I am planning to buy one and hearing more color choices is exciting!

    Also, does anybody know if the damier koala will ever get other colors than red?
  12. i was at lv store last week, and the mono koala agenda only comes in blue, pink , orange and black (w/ silver hardware), and i don't think damier koala will ever get other colors than red....
  13. :yes: me my intellisync is always acting retarded, and i'd much rather see it at a glance, rather than on the sk...i do like it for reminders though.
  14. YES! Very useful! I have a Monogram Multicolore agenda PM and it's just great! I use it everyday and write everything in it....but then again, I don't think it's compatible with today's technological gadgets *ahem*cough* PDA and the like.... You really gotta be a "writter".
  15. I've got the epi agenda love it but honestly don't use it often.
    At first I bought the more complete refills that cost 50+ and then following year I decided it didnt need such detailed pages so I got the cheaper one also.