1. Hi,
    Would a white Suhali agenda be completely impossible to keep clean?
    Which Agenda do you find the most practical and beautiful? :smile:
  2. i think the medium agenda is the most practical. it's easier to write in, and has more room too, especially for someone like me who has 872364 things to do :lol:. plus it can also fit into most bags. i have the Monogram Mat Medium Agenda, and i can fit that into all my bags.

    the Suhali line has the medium agenda too :yes:. it's not hard to take care of. i have a white Suhali bag and i just use a cloth to wipe it clean.
  3. I think it's probably easy to keep clean, because Suhali is quite durable and can be wiped clean!
  4. i adore the large mc agendas. they are stunning, and the size is very pracitical for someone with alot of things to do.
  5. The MC agenda is $720.00 lol! I want one so bad but I feel like it is a lot of $$$$$ for an agenda? When LV offeres others way under $600.00
  6. I love vernis agendas, but they are a pain to maintain. I have an epi agenda and I love it.
  7. Thanks :smile:

    Does the Suhali Medium Agenda come in white or just black?
  8. according to the website it's just black. but you can call 866-VUITTON and ask them. they can locate one for you and ship it to you.
  9. Oooh yeuxhonnetes I`ve always loved the Monogram Mat agenda. An SA told me that they`re discontinuing the Mat line because it`s so unpopular but I`m definitely considering it.
  10. I hear you! But for an agenda, it's meant to be used and cherished for years. I have a dark green leather Filofax which I have used and worn to death for 12 years and still looks pretty new but am eye'ing one of these LV beauties!
  11. I really, really like the black MC Agenda GM. I sure would like to add that baby to my Agenda collection.
  12. they already discontinued it long ago, but they kept selling whatever they had left. however, they've just recently started pulling the Mat items off the shelves in stores, so if you want one you have to call the 866 and ask them to locate one for you. that's what i did :yes:.
  13. i have a medium agenda in panda. i love it, the size is perfect, easy to write, light enough and can fit in all my bags easily.