1. im in desperate need for a week to week agenda. but i dont want just something i can pick up from staples. i would like leather or something of the sort, no busy patterns or anything. something that is classic and i can use for a long time. i wouldnt want to spend more then 200 dollars, if theres something for less then 150 that would be great as well, but open to all suggestions. thanks!
  2. Daytimer has lots of agenda...but its gets ocmplicated when you build your can try it out thoe!!
  3. daytimer? is that a store or a company? or the name of their site?
  4. its a online .
  5. miss hawklet yoyo.jpg
  6. My advice...go to Coach...their website usually has a complete line up.
    I have one that was a present from my husband. It is like 4x6 or 4x7 and I am pretty sure it was under $200. It is very durable...had it for 3 years is textured leather and this one has a patent leather trim. Mine is in all black. The inside holds a full size agenda where you see the complete week and then the also get an address book...a pen...a pocket and a long side pocket to stash more things in. Nothing has broken on it and it takes abuse. That is why I don't buy one that is more money. Refills come out in September and they cost $12-15. I think you would be happy.
    If you live near an outlet you should call and ask if they have some from last could pick them up even cheaper.
    Oh, and by the can't tell onmine it is Coach...there is no markings outside.

    Just went to look...they are $168 in the size I have...they have smaller and larger as well
  7. I was going to suggest Coach!

    I have one as well, if you have a Coach Outlet by you, you can usually get a pretty good deal on one. I got mine for $55, originally $135
  8. kate spade has cute agendas.
  9. ohh those are all so cute!i love the little notebook. of course duhhh coach! lol totally forgot. kate spade made agendas?! since when? is it on her site?
  10. shoptrunkt leaf journals tobi wood.jpg Shoptrunkt Tobi Wood Bloom Journals.jpg shoptrunkt grass journals tobi wood.jpg
  11. oh those are cute passerby! i like their simplicity.
  12. i recently had a scare when i thought i lost my agenda. almost went nuts. now i am considering a PDA or one of those new ones that work as a phone too (treo or blackberry). will that work for you too?
  13. I've got a Filofax leather cross organiser and i love it. Best thing is, you don't have to buy the original filofax refills (which can be expensive) so i just buy my spares on Ebay.:biggrin:
  14. lol only today i JUST started using the little schedule thing on my phone. i never could keep assignment pads when i was younger and even today (i mean who would want to anyway lol) but im seeing that im over looking alot and i like writing things down.

    im just weird like that :graucho:

    i had a palm piolet as kid lol, only used it too feel smart and the little stuff. then it just DIED. so lol after that been playing it by ear.:yes: