1. Just wondering if anyone who has a small agenda uses any other type of refills other than the lv ones? I currently have a filofax (pocket) and was wondering if the note paper etc would go inside as L\v doesn't seem to do much to fit inside. :confused1:

    Also what do u all think, damier azur or ebony (will sit in my newly aquired ebony speedy 30:heart:)?

    Thanks everyone! :tup:
  2. yep!
    just make sure you have 6 holds together. you're not committed to lv refills. you can also go to and get them there.
  3. hope this helps, they're from
  4. Ah thankyou for your comments and the pic, is that the small size agenda as it looks very similar to the size of the filofax I currently have (meaning the inserts would fit :smile:)

    Thanks again!
  5. I need to get some new 2008 refills too and wonder - does LV have more that one type of inserts?

    The s/a at Saks said there is an option of weekly inserts and monthly inserts?
    Doesn't sound right to me :confused1:
  6. hi,
    if you look on the website it says you can get a week on two pages or a page a day, is that what you mean? Plus if u order online the delivery is free, not bad!
  7. i love hte lv refills. but i buy filofax accessories for it.
  8. Filofax pocket size refills fit the small agendas just fine - I use those. I like all the other stuff filofax has too; I bought the cc holder and envelope inserts so I can use my agenda as a wallet too!
  9. any clues on where to find a pen that will fit besides their $290 LV pen?? While I'm sure its a lovely pen, I'd rather pay under $20 for one! :shrugs:
  10. Small Multicolor agenda is lovely.
  11. There have been threads about pens for agendas. Try a search for other options. I bought the Filofax refills, love them! It was fun choosing just what I wanted.

    I bought a mini Zebra set. Pencil goes in the agenda and pen elsewhere in bag as I worried about the pencil marking stuff up. Fits great and is good quality. They are silver and my agenda has gold metal but it sure is nice having a pencil right there.