Agendas with Snakeskin Trim at TJMaxx

  1. Dropped into TJ Maxx at lunch today & stumbled on a new shipment of Coach Planners with snake skin trim... they had the 6x8 for $129.99 (retailed for $268) & the smaller one for $99.99. I picked up the larger Punch one but they also had them in black & light blue. Best thing was while they had the 2006 calendar inside, they'd rubber banded the 2008 calendar to each one!!

    Happy shopping!
  2. Our TJMaxx had the larger black agendas for $129 also, and I got a smaller punch one for $79!!! I was pretty excited :yahoo:. All the ones I saw had the 2008 calender inside as well.
  3. Wow, what great finds! I think I know where I am going tomorrow!!
  4. NUTS! I went to TJMaxx looked around and asked a salesperson if she knew if they got in any Coach agendas or planners. She looked at me like I had 6 heads! Needless to say they didn't have any nor do they ever get any Coach items, according to her anyways :sad:
  5. Hi Tinks. I'm in Aston, PA. Which TJ Maxx in Delaware was it?
  6. Hey! DH used to work in Aston - small world!

    It was the one in Newark by Christiana Hospital. But... I went back two days later & they were all gone. However, they did have a few Coach sunnies for $59.99! Couldn't pass those up either!
  7. I found 3 at my local in each size.

    of course, freakin' TJM...put the price sticker ON the They had the large black one, medium in baby blue, and smallest one in a coral color...all with 2008 calendars.

    personally, I passed...i found a great zip around franklin Covey planner from target for like $4 on clearance in for me.
  8. I went to my TJMaxx which if 5 minutes away and they had NOTHING!!! I did at one time see a straw legacy bag, but passed on it.
  9. I went to my local TJ Maxx today and they did have the Coach agendas. They were secured in the jewelry case though and not with the accessories (wallets, umbrellas, etc.). They did have the 6 x 8 pink leather with the pink snakeskin trim (although there was a stain on the back of this agenda - it looked like nail polish remover has been spilled on it), a 6 x 8 pink leather agenda with white trim, and the 3x5 coral leather with purple trim for $69.99. Each of them also came with the 2007 AND the 2008 calender book, the address book, and matching pen.

    So be sure the check the jewelry cases ladies. They may be over there.
  10. I got the large black agenda tonight. It's really pretty (though I wish it were pink).