Agendas with Palm Organizers?

  1. Hello all;
    I am really loving the agendas right now (bad influence, all of you, bad!) but I already use a Palm. Does anyone have both and can use them together, maybe in different roles? I'm really trying to justify it but I need some outside help;)
  2. I am going to discourage you. I have a Palm and I will never go back to paper agendas.
  3. I find paper organizers just as helpful. But it will be redundant to own both and carry them around. Perhaps u can buy something else like a wallet or a psp holder
  4. I have both and love them! I use the agenda for keeping track of things and scheduling appointments. But I use my MDA (its just like a Palm) to set alarms for the appointments. (does that make sense?) I really like hand writing things down - plus the agenda was SO cute (bad PF bad!) that I had to have one. I dont regret it in the least. If fact I would probably by more if I had the chance.
  5. I have four LV Agendas plus a LV Agenda holder for my Palm. Let me not forget to mention that I now have a Treo which fits perfectly inside of the LV Cell Phone Holder GM. What I'm trying to say is having an Agenda and a PDA is okay if you like to write on paper too. Once you've experienced a Palm that crashes you may wish you had written a lot of things down.
    Go for the Agenda if you want one! (I've got to eventually take a pic of my Treo inside of the LV Cell Phone Case GM)
  6. ^^^It was this picture that started my agenda addiction! :love: After seeing so many agendas I HAD to get one! :tender:
  7. I have a Palm which doesn't fit into the LV Palm holder (was made to fit the Palm V). :rant: I wish LV would make more of a generic one.

    I am also trying to justify an agenda - I'm think for work to use for taking notes at meetings, conferences, etc.
  8. i was torn between a palm or an lv agenda! then i bought a palm because it had wifi etc. but i ended up using it for games more, and then i bought an agenda. now my palm is dusting in my desk :P

    SO, i vote for agenda :P
  9. Ooo, the justification is working, please keep it up:smile: !
    I actually do have a paper agenda that I use at my desk and a Palm that I carry around. But I think that if I liked my paper agenda more, I'd be more likely to carry that around- I mean, who doesn't want to pull some gorgeous little LV out to start taking little notes or to stick a business card in?
    Okay, now which one...I am loving that Koala:love:
  10. KOALA! :love: :love:

    I just think of mine as a tiny notebook. It doesn't have to be a planner or an appointment calendar. It can be used to write down anything you want! Mine is mainly going to be used for lists and notes to self, and it's filled mostly with regular plain lined paper. Oh it is so cute.
  11. I know, it is actually yours that is pushing me over the edge:P
  12. I am a terrible influence! Just doin' my part in the PF.
  13. i love that agenda collection pic! beautiful!
  14. I really love the look of the Koala! But I decided to go with the Small Agenda for convenience. I am constantly opening up my agenda and I think that the Koala clasp would get annoying. I keep my agenda in my purse and I would also worry about the Koala clasp getting scratched up from being thrown in with all my other junk.
  15. I use a blackberry for my calendar, addresses, email, etc., but I also carry a medium agenda. I have it filled with lined paper only, and I just use it as a notebook. So you can do both!