Agendas: Who has one and which is it?

  1. I think I'm going to the exchange the Mini Pochette Acessories for an agenda. Now I just have to decide which one. I'm thinking the small in either the Mat or the Damier. Any thoughts (or pics of yours!)
  2. I'm in love with the Koala agenda with the rose (baby pink) interior.
  3. Is that one new - I don't see it on the elux site?
  4. i have the monogram agenda with the panda printed on it......i never use it since i'm totally disorganized but i still love it :biggrin:
  5. Small Monogram Mat, it even fits in my smaller bags.
  6. i have the small mono agenda...i liked the framboise vernis agenda that someone on the forum (can't remember who) pretty!
  7. I have the medium (the bigger size, not sure which size) mono agenda. Have it for years and still love it :biggrin:
  8. I have the small ring agenda (which is the medium size - I think the smaller size is the mini) in beige Vernis.. I love it! Even though I don't carry it everyday, I always pull it out several times a month...
  9. I have a black MC small agenda. I use it almost everyday :biggrin:
  10. Medium mono agenda here! Love using it every day! Holds a TON!
  11. I have the large (medium???) agenda in white MC- see my avatar pic and also the small vernis agenda in framboise. I love them both and use the MC as my work agenda. I look after it and it stays nice:biggrin:
    In my vernis agenda I just got what they call "travel notes" inserts which are basically blank pages so I can use it as a notebook.
  12. I have the small monogram agenda. I love it and use it everyday!
  13. I have a cerises agenda that I use every single day. I adore it! I just found a black mat agenda on eBay that I plan to give to my mom for mother's day. And I must say it's fabulous! The mat line is perfect for wallets and agendas or anything that gets tossed around!
  14. I have the small white mc agenda. I like it but gets a bit dirty though!
  15. :love: i bought a small black epi agenda. its very cute i even got the post it i need the refill :nuts: