Agendas on!!! YAY

  1. haha- the way they're expanding their selection we'll soon be able to buy Plumes and Bolides online :p
  2. I KNOW!!! Can you believe it!!!
    Watches, too. I am in shock, LOL!
  3. You all crack me up!
  4. Not available here where I live.. :sad: Love internet shopping!
  5. Yay!!! I love it!
  6. diamondS, can you buy from the french site? There are even more agendas there!
  7. Thanks for the info-on my way to the site!
  8. Am I missing it? :confused1: I only see the Ulysses on there.
  9. I checked out this evening, and there are more colors in the agendas available. At least four to choose from.....
  10. If I order an agenda, will I pay shipping and tax?
  11. ^^I think you only pay tax if there is an Hermes in your state. I would assume there is shipping....but, believe it or not, I have not ordered from there, YET!
  12. Here you go, Piperlu!
    You click on the Agendas bar up top, and then it opens to a window with

    Ulyssee notebook
    Agenda Covers
    Agenda Refills

    on the side...
    They actually dont think of the ulyssee as an agenda....

    Click on "agenda covers"
  13. Big step for Hermes, they are really serious about online shopping now!