Agendas! Help me choose~

  1. I really want the Framboise Vernis agenda...but they don't have it on elux. Do you think a store would have it?

    I am also leaning toward the mandarin epi...

    It's so hard to choose!
    p10148674_ph_althero_Mandarin.jpg p10519535_ph_hero.jpg p10943205_ph_hero.jpg
  2. you can call the 866 and ask them to look for the Framboise for you :yes:
  3. [​IMG] in black for winter
    and [​IMG] in framboise for summer :biggrin:

    HOT duo!!
  4. I would go for the Monogram Canvas Agenda... the inside is pink and would suit you well. :smile:
  5. Don't want to sway you because Lola 24 has a hot Framboise agenda that I also love. HOWEVER, I have a Mandarin Epi, so here she is.
  6. Try the 866 number to located a Framboise! The color is lovely!

    2nd option, I would choose the mandarin epi or multicolore.

    And which size are you getting?
  7. The Framboise is still on elux! Click on color under vernis small ring agenda and its there!
  8. Go for the framboise! :smile:
  9. Worry free: mono koala

    Frambroise color is sooooooo pretty..I really want to get in this color.
  10. The Framboise is gorgeous! :heart: I really like the Mono with the Pink lining, too. Bagsbbags is right, though, you won't have to worry about any color transfer, etc with the Mono.:yes:
  11. MC, but preferable in BLACK... more worry free
  12. Framboise is such a HOT colour!!! go for it!!!! BUT then again, that Epi Mandarine is HOT too!!! ekekekekek... NO totally go for the Framboise :love:
  13. I'm a total vernis fan, so i vote for the framboise!!! i do like the mandarin too, I think epi is really classy whereas vernis is more fun! Both are gorgeous though! You'll probably get more life out of the koala though.
  14. Personally I like the multicolore. It's easy to match and so feminine!
  15. I vote for the framboise too:heart: