Agendas - has anyone seen any on sale

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  1. And still in stock, not - missed that boat.

    Not too fussed on colour as long as its not baby pink.

    Anyone seen any whilst sale hunting?

  2. I think they had some in Mulberry Edinburgh . I can have a look for you Maple . What size are you looking for ?
  3. Hi Flossie, that would be great, probably pocketbook size if they have any?

    Thanks so much!
  4. Will let you know .
  5. They always have them at Shepton. There was quite a large display of them. I remember black, choc, beige, mustard, limey green, red and forest green.
  6. there's a white one on
    the others on there are in the sale but out of stock but you never know?
  7. Maple , they had a few in Edinburgh , bronze at 106 GBP , off white or pale pink Spazzalato leather , slightly larger at 136 .
  8. Thanks Flossie, really appreciate it, will have a think - do you think bronze looks a bit too spraypainted on? Not sure white is right and pale pink is definitely not me. Hmm wonder if the outlets are the place to source.

    Thank you once again
  9. THe bronze was the same leather as the Charlie bag . Not sure how it would stand the test of time though .
  10. Maple, if you want a more mainstream colour that will hold up well, the outlets are a good place to start. A lot of them seem to be in congo leather, smooth leather or the ribbed look leather.