Agendas Do u really use them?

  1. hey guys i was wondering I dont know if theres a thread about this but here goes.... I know alot of u have Agendas and i really want one they are so cute.. But this is thing with techonology now a days. i own a pda phone and since those phones have everything. Do i really need an agenda? I want one though so my question is do u guys have the same Phones ( PDA, TREO, DASH, SIDEKICK) and u have agendas? Do u use them?
  2. i have a medium agenda, and i use it a lot more than i ever imagined i would, especially back when i was in school and had 3216458 things going on a week. i don't use any of those PDA phones, because they keep coming up with new stuff and the older things become obsolete, so i use the agenda alone
  3. I used to have 2 agendas but now I only have one (cuz I sold the other) and I find it's really useful. I'm a university student and I carry it with me everyday when I go to school. However, in your case, since you already have a PDA, I think the question is "how much do you use your PDA?" If not a lot and you're more of a handwriting person, then I'd recommend the agenda. Otherwise........ seems kinda redundant to me. Well good luck :biggrin:
  4. good point! lol technology can be soooo annoying sometimes lol
  5. ^^^^^^^ good point.. The thing is i always get the new phones (hubby works in tmobile) :p . i love phones all that but i really dont use the pda that much. i just like cool looking phones.
  6. Yes I use my agendas. I have the mono GM for desk, the mono pocket diary & the Vernis Pomme D'Amour.
  7. I just got my first agenda last month and I LOVE it. I also owned three different PDAs all of which died and although I am a tech. junkie there is something nice about knowing I don't gotta worry about back up, graffiti, syncing problems, battery problems, charging, and all that. Also, I can stick a lot of post its, receipts, cards, etc. in my agenda.

  8. Since I got one last month I've been using it a lot especailly for school. I don't have those pda phones either, but I never cared for using the calendars/schedulers on my phone. I never thought about getting a LV agenda because I use to just buy those notebook ones that you throw away, get a new one each year. So I thought why not get a cute one. I find it very useful.
  9. Wow ok im getting sold guys, keep them coming.
  10. I'm an agenda junkie. Daily, I use my medium Damier agenda:heart:, a generic work agenda, and an HP iPAQ for work. I also have a small mono agenda that I use once in a while.
  11. I use my small red groom agenda for school everyday & love it!
  12. Oh, and by the way, when I used to go to meetings and take out my PDA and portable Blue Tooth keyboard people would be kinda impressed, but now when I take out my Framboise agenda people are really impressed!

  13. Haha!!! That's so cool!!! :graucho:

    Anyway, to the OP, I had a Palm Tungsten and true enough, as somebody said, in less than a year a newer model came out selling for the same amount as I bought mine for, but had a lot more features :rolleyes: I use my agenda daily for notes and reminders, and as a wallet as well! It is really functional. And even before I bought my agenda, I always found myself writing little notes with a pen and paper, so I figured I might as well get one!
  14. i have both a treo and an agenda. i'm more of a handwriting person and i love the satisfaction of actually crossing things out in the agenda so i say both!
  15. I have my O2 and a new red epi agenda I bought but it's not been used yet because it looks so nice and pretty! Also, I hate to admit it but I'm more of a PDA person... ;P