Agendas as wallets?

  1. I am thinking of getting an LV agenda and keep hearing people say that they use theirs as their wallet also. how can you do that? Are there enough credit card/card slots? Where do you put your paper money? Your coins? this sounds like a great idea, i just don't see how it oculd be done.


    Oh, and what does this Pomme D'Amour agenda look like that I keep hearing about? I looked on eluxury but couldn't find it.
  2. I purchased an additional card insert and pouch from filofax.
    I don't have many cards so it works well for me. I also don't keep change around because I put that into my little saving banks.
    I love my small agenda/wallet!
  3. Thanks Nita-that's a great thread-i should have searched first before posting.

    Anyway-sounds like a great idea to me. I think I will do it too!

    Now, which one to get? Mono, damier, vernis or epis? LOL

  4. No problem,

    I personally prefer vernis especially in red
    something bright and pretty..:love:
  5. I personally like the new Pomme D'Amour color over the old red... it's so pretty!
  6. I will only be able to buy 1 agenda and I would like something that would go with most if not all of my bags. Though, a pop of color would be nice. Oy, I am bad at decisions!
  7. i just got a Pomme D'Amour agenda to use as a wallet...i love it:love:
  8. The Pomme D'Amour is a great beautiful color!

    but i prefer the monogram with the lock coss it's more hardy than the vernis i find. my sa always reminds me to take good care of the vernis so i am very paranoid about using vernis items on a daily basis=P i am probably just paranoid.

    you could also attach a cles to the agenda to keep your coins =)
  9. i love the agenda as a wallet- i don't think i'll go back to a wallet and agenda. this is just too convenient!
  10. ooooooooo thanks for the link bagsnbags! i already have a groom agenda, but i have no LV wallet, now maybe i am justified to get a vernis agenda! in pomme d'amour! yay! i love this forum.