agendas... are they worth gettin? do you prefer the small or medium size?

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  1. agendas... are they worth gettin? do you prefer the small or medium size?

    do you find that the small size one.. is just TOO small to write anything down?

    any reviews?
  2. i think they are worth it... i love my agenda...
    i use the small size one... its the perfect size for me cuz i only use it for school.. but if u plan on using it professionally.... i guess a medium size would be more suitable
  3. I tried the small in the boutique, but it was too small for me to realistically write anything in. The medium works fine for me: not too big, for it fits in most of my smaller bags, including Alma and Saleya PM, but not so small that it's impractical to actually write in. I use mine as a notebook, so I just have the blank lined pages in it.
  4. I think the mini one would be too MINI to write anything in comfortably. I have the Small Ring Agenda, and I use it everyday, all the time. I wouldn't mind a medium agenda, then I could doodle more
  5. i have the medium and i love it. the small is too small for me. i have a kae spade on that's the same size as the small and i hate it. i need something more substantial with more room!
  6. i thought that i wanted a medium, large, or even desk planner sized one, but i am happiest with the small. i use a day on a page calendar system and i have plenty of room to write my lists of things to do. it doubles as a wallet, too, and i can toss it into any of my bags- regardless of size!
  7. i have a medium agenda, i think it's the best size for me, it's small, butconfortable to write in...
    i figured the small agenda's too small for me, because i'm using my agenda daily to write on meetings and schedules...
  8. i have the medium agenda in Monogram Mat, and it's the perfect size for me. the small agenda doesn't have enough room to write in, especially because i always have a thousand things going on :lol:
  9. I have Mono in 6 rings (don't know it's small or medium), I love it. I think it's perfect size to carry in the bag...

  10. I have 2 PM agendas and they're GREAT! I also use them as wallets cuz... I only need 3 cards: debit card, VISA card, and university school ID card, and then you can put in some bills in the side flaps.

    It's also definitely not small/hard to write in, just get the 1day/page refills instead of the 1week/2pages type
  11. I am going through the same question just now! But i guess it really depends on what size of handbag you carry? I am torn between small and medium, but i hope my next LV visit can clearify once I get to see them side by side. If you are considering double the agenda as wallet, make sure to check out FiloFax, they have some great stuff for agendas, also i find the Agenda sub forum is very helpful too.
    What agenda are you considering now? Rose Koala-cute, but not sure if i can stand the bass 'koala' being scratched from daily use, Vernis-TDF, but i can't baby it 24/7. Epi & Mono are what i am considering now, what lines of agenda are you considering?
  12. I wish the med came in more styles, I think that's the best size.
  13. i do love my groom agenda...but i was never an agenda person to start with, so i hardly use it........its just in my bag 24/7
  14. Lol..I was (and still am) in LOVE with my medium plum suhali one. But I never really use it so it's kind of just sitting there haha. I don't like to carry it with me so I keep it on my desk and just write down my school assignments in it.
  15. Oh I love my agenda! I have a medium! :smile: