Agendas and pens...

  1. Is it safe to keep them together in a bag?

    A few PFers had their pens explode inside their bags, basically ruining them. So, I was wondering why that happens and if there's anything that can be done to prevent that from happening? Would more expensive pens be better (i.e. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, etc)? Or is it better to go with a pencil? Anyone know?

    Thank you!
  2. i put my pen inside the pen holder on my lv panda organizer. and so dar, nothing bad ever happened to it.
    i think you don't have to go for branded pen just to feel safe, you just have to find a "good" one. i got my pen only for 3$.
    also avoided a pen with a cap, because the cap might fell off and ruin your inside bag.
  3. I use a pencil
  4. I use either a twisty or clicky (technical terms, right?) pen for my planner. I am always afraid caps will fall off and keep other pens and markers in a small pencil case in my bag.
  5. It;s usually the gel pens that have a habit of exploding, so even though I love the way they write, I stay away from them.
  6. I have a pencil case in my messenger where I keep all my pens/pencils, even whiteout. If they burst, I won't really care because I got the case for free.
  7. I've never had a problem with exploding pans, and I use everything from Bic pens to Waterman and Tiffany. When I used to use an agenda (before I switched to a PDA), I mainly used Waterman with no problems.

    Now, I keep my pens with my makeup in an LV pochette that I throw inside my bags... never had any leaks, and it's mostly Bic and Papermate in there!
  8. I just bought a Tiffany's pen today, so hopefully I will have goot luck like Tweetie!! :smile:
  9. Ohh.. which one did you get? I'm eyeing the t-clip one, but I hate buying pens without being able to test them beforehand.
  10. I try not to put pens in my bags, but when I do they're gel pens... I didn't know they were dangerous! Thankfully I've never had any accidents, I'll have to be more careful now that I know though.
  11. i have a silver cross pen in my coach agenda and a small cross pen in my gucci cosmetics cases. i never leave pens loose in my bags. thinking about getting a tiffany one next week though.
  12. you guys should think about buying a purse organizer, look at The Ultimate Purse Organizer by Joey Junior. I keep my pens/lip glosses/mascara in it so that if I ever have a spill it won't ruin my bag! I would cry if I ever had an ink stain. It also lets me switch bags within seconds!
  13. Eeek...I use a pencil. I had a NICE summer bag a long time ago that I got a pen mark on (the outside) and it was ruined.:hysteric: (sorry I can't resist the smileys)