1. So, I'm interested in acquiring an agenda, and have been looking through the forum for pics and info, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I'm wondering if one of the styles that H offers has a place for credit cards and maybe a pocket or two, so i could combine agenda and wallet in one comfortably. My bags tend to get very heavy, so I'm trying to streamline a bit. Any suggestions?
  2. The globetrotter is perfect for this. It's zips around and has typical agenda "innards?" plus places for cards and bills.
    Also, the Vision Agenda (Cheaper) is avaliable with card slots, but none for bills.
  3. Kln, give the Vision II a try. It has a zip-around closure, 5 CC slots, zippered compartment for coins (although it may be a tight fit at first), hooks for refills, 2 full-length pockets for bills & receipts, and pen loop. You can even fit a checkbook inside. It measures about 7.5" x 4.75".
  4. I like to use the Agenda covers in the smallish ( but not the smallest) size and I buy that little silver pen with the long silver chain, and hook that in the spiral, and each time I whip it out.. everyone comments on the little chain.. it's So cool! And that way no one "accidentally" walks away with my Hermes silver pen ( hahaha)
  5. Oops, 24 is right. I was calling the Vision II, the Globetrotter! I'd check this one out in Chevre mysore. Very lightweight.
  6. This would be perfect. Here is a link to a thread where you can see a Vision II agenda.

    24, love your new avatar. That scarf is beautiful.
  7. Thanks, dianagrace! No worries, GT.

    Here are 3 pics of the Vision II. Love this agenda! The Globetrotter GM is HUGE! It's about 8 x 5.
  8. ^ I love that! Everything in one! And that color....:love: :love: :love:
  9. Does anybody know what the prices are for Vision II vs. Globetrotter? Thanks, I'm probably going to buy one soon!
  10. Thanks ladies! :flowers::flowers: This is exactly the info I needed! And i lovvvve the pics :love:. .beautiful!!! The Vision II zip sounds absolutely perfect for what I need, which totally justifies the purchase, right? :graucho: Hmm, I also could use an idea of what one in a non-exotic might cost at H. Oooooh, now just to decide on the color. ..
  11. Yesterday DH ordered the Vision agenda for me in chevre-blue sapphire.
    It was supposed to be a surprise, but he wasn't sure about leather and color. I spent Tuesday afternoon at Hermes deciding (violette was my second choice). I think the one I'm getting is coming from CA. I don't know the price of mine, but the ones I looked at here were around $1,100.

    I looked for an agenda for ages and considered everything--I mean everything, even Target agendas--and kept coming back to Hermes because it was perfect (really, it had all the features I wanted, not just because it was Hermes. Really.) So, to answer your question--perfection totally justifies the purchase!

    Even though it was a bit difficult to do a search for agenda info on this forum, all the info I did find was really helpful.