1. Hi Ladies!
    I want to buy an Agenda, could any of you post what the fillers look like? Thank you!!!
  2. I think they have some pictures of the fillers on I don't have any or else I would've taken some pics and post them.:yes:
  3. You could check out the Hermes website HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance and click on Agenda refills...(I think that's what it says....looked at it last night and now can't remember!) It's an "age" thing.....
  4. OH!! Pretty!! Thank you!
    All the pictures of the Agendas dont' look like there is anywhere for the fillers to go I missing something?
  5. The agendas have hooks on both ends whereas the fillers have one of those loop things (the word is escaping me at the moment) so you just loop it in.

    Gah ... my vocab is sadly lacking today.:Push:
  6. Thank you ladies!! You're always so helpful!!! Now I just have to decide between an agenda and a scarf!