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  1. Girls should I use my PCE to purchase an agenda or just get on from *bay. I don't live anywhere near an outlet and Its high on my wishlist. I just cant decided if getting a new one is worth the extra $$.
  2. hmmmm...I would purchase one off ebay..they have some at really good prices and you could find one cheaper than the PCE discount...I would use the PCE on a bag or keyfobs...those are always more expensive on ebay...

    but, if you have nothing else you would like to buy, then yeah, get the agenda...just my .02
  3. Is buying agendas/planners something that's faked alot?
  4. If you want an agenda, get an agenda! I was lucky to score one at my outlet but most people aren't... that new berry (?) leather one looks divine online!!!
  5. check all the seller information. you can always post it in the authenticate this coach post too if you are not sure. i plan on getting one soon for school the refills for 2009 and only $14 and most 2008 agendas are around $80- $100 for the smaller ones!
  6. I think you can get a good deal on the bay. I don't live by an outlet either, I feel your pain. I stinks to hear about people getting planners for $80 at the outlet and I know that I have to get it during pce for more or off ebay and pray not to get ripped off.