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  1. Hey everyone,
    I want to buy a new agenda for a friend of mine that is going back to college, I looked into some from Louis Vuitton, but was wondering if anyone here had some other ideas??
  2. I just did this search about six months ago for a possible present for my sis. If money is no object: Hermes or April in Paris. Then LV, Smythson, Mulberry, and Cartier. Then Coach and Kate Spade. And, finally, fun indy artists on Etsy :smile:
  3. I love my Coach agenda! Thick, durable leather and it's PINK!
  4. Coach makes nice ones.
  5. I'd go with Hermes. They come in all sorts of different leathers and colours! And you can't beat their quality.
  6. I've been lemming a Coach agenda for ages! They're really nice, and you could always buy refills from a different store (like a Staples).

    Oh well, I'll have to stick with my Target agenda for now. ;)
  7. Coach definitely has some great agendas and I love the colors.
  8. Coach has some very nice agendas.