1. Hello! Im trying to look for a really cute agenda with card slots in it. I didnt want it to be designer, I just wanted a really cute one. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  2. ok so no ideas from anyone?
  3. I'd like to know too!
  4. Kate Spade has some cute ones, both in the pocket and personal sizes. Her refills are cute too. Filofax has nice ones as well in a great variety of colors and refills galore. I have multiple agendas from both (yes, I've got a thing for agendas). Both have card slots and such, but I find that Filofax has more options, i.e., zippered coin slot on the inside.

    If you want super cute and girly, Sanrio has some cute Hello Kitty ones too. You could probably find some of these on eBay.
  5. I agree w/ Filofax. I've seen some cute, functional ones at Office Depot and other supply stores too, for $30 or so. They aren't leather, but still cute.
  6. Those Coach agendas are so cute! I would buy one but I have two LV agendas that I rarely use now. I use my phone more.
  7. thanks! i really appreciate the response. I love all your I just have to pick. :smile: