Agenda with zipper?

  1. Girls...
    whats the agenda with the zipper all the way around it?:shrugs:
  2. I know both the GM and Vision come in zipper versions. I have a regular GM and a GM zip. There is also the Globetrotter which has a zip version. I believe the Globetrotter is the largest agenda Hermes makes but I could be wrong.

    Sofibella has a Globetrotter Zip

    Funnyredhead has a Vision II Zip Agenda/Wallet

    I will try and post pictures of my GM Zip soon. Mine is small though.
  3. dg - THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!
  4. I also have the small zip one - GM zip I guess which I bought on e-bay...will have to take a pic later though! It's small and lightweight and I love the zip factor (my wallets are zip as well!) for some reason as I feel more secure with them!
  5. shoes, I think this is the one I'm thinking's almost as small as say, a Bearn compact?
  6. GM zip agenda - that's it....thanks girls!!

    Oh, any pics of the inside, anyone?
  7. Here are the pics of my rouge Vif mysore zip agenda - size is approx. 4.25" x 5.25" zipped -- it's a great size, not too large and not heavy at all!

    agenda 001.jpg

    agenda 002.jpg

    agenda 003.jpg
  8. HEY! There's Grace!!!!! She's ADORABLE, K!

    SHOES.......I LOVE your zip agenda! Can you fit a checkbook inside?
  9. No shopmom - not in the small size!
  10. Thanks Shoes!! That's perfect - thank you for the colour........????
  11. Shoes.. I know this is a really old thread ...but what is your agenda called.. and do you know what the retail is on it now...It looks perfect for my needs! TIA
  12. I now own that agenda and I sent you a PM. I love this, use it for a wallet and agenda and is the exact size of a US passport, so it is my sole travel wallet and when I'm home it is my agenda. My regular wallet is an LV zippy which is quite large so I've been just using this when I carry my kellys or smaller bags.
  13. I have a cyclamen agenda that I got from L-Z and I adore it, I bought refills for it and will also use it as a wallet when I just want to grab and go.
  14. LOL - It's so funny seeing anold thread pop up again! For what it's worth, I got a (non-zip) Vision II agenda in etoupe/rose shocking chevre.