Agenda Wallet cover

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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2014
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    I actually own this wallet (link below). I purchased pre-owned, and after it was discontinued. I've only seen it one other time, and also in pomme vernis. I love this wallet SO MUCH, I'd love to buy it in more colors, if possible. My iPhone can fit in the zip part, so it's such a nice grab and go wallet. Does anyone have any information on it? Was it made only for a short time? Only in Pomme? If you google the item number, R21047, and look at images, you can only see it in pomme and mono.

    I'll see if I can attach some pics below.

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  2. I asked an SA about this wallet and she had never seen it before but said some things are only made and marketed for Asia. I have only seen the Japanese re-sellers offer this wallet, so that might be the case.
  3. Reminds me of the Broome wallet.
  4. I had to look up Broome. Yes! I see the similarity. I really like that this one and the Broome are compact zip wallets, but larger than the ZCP. One thing I really like about the Agenda Wallet is the second snap opening for the essential cards while the iPhone stays put. Really clever, I think. Funny thing is, the iPhone back in '07-'09 wouldn't have fit b/c it would have been too thick. Now, the thin iPhone 5 fits perfectly.

    PS-in another thread, I followed up with the information I got from the 1-866 number that the wallet was only made from '07-'09 and only in pomme and mono. :smile:
  5. I recall viewing this in store here … It was a really practical piece.
  6. Looks really nice ! Hopefully it will fit the iPhone 6 as well :smile:
  7. I'm really tempted to find one in mono, but then I remind myself that one of the things I love is that it holds my phone. Who knows what size future phones will be and if it will fit? I should enjoy the one I have and not buy another. But, then I argue with myself and think I NEED mono b/c it's more durable than vernis. What's a girl to do?? :P