Agenda wallet cover

  1. Hi everyone!

    The other day I decided to get a damier speedy... it was an impulse buy but at the same time I've always liked it.

    Well while I was waiting for my SA to come back with the package, I saw a zip around agenda in vernis... it looked too cute in pomme d'amour!
    My SA told me it was called "agenda wallet cover".

    Well I've been searching here and can't find any pics or info... Sorry if I just didn't look in the right places, but does anyone have an opinion on this agenda?
    Is it practical and what do you use it for?

    Pics would be awesome! :tup: Thanks!
  2. is it perhaps the zippy wallet ?
  3. It's this one:

    anyone seen it?
    I love the pomme d'amour one... :ninja:
  4. ^^ very cute!
  5. Yes, it is what I am planning to get as well!! Is it a recent release? I first saw it on the holiday catalog and love it so much. Does anyone see it IRL?
  6. I saw it again today and the SA said it was new (maybe not just now new, but kind of new).
    I like it but I'm worried about the "in your face" factor of a big shiny red agenda!
  7. I think it just came out in October.