Agenda suggestions?


which small agenda should i choose?

  1. mono

  2. vernis pomme

  3. mono T&B

  4. damier ebony

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  1. hi, folks! i am --> <-- thiiiiiis close to getting a small agenda and i need your help! all of my pieces are mono except for my vernis pomme cles. should i get my small agenda in mono, vernis pomme, mono T&B, or damier ebony?

    i plan on getting my on eLux so i'm at the mercy of their stock. my bf and i were at the LV at Somerset in Troy this weekend and i couldn't make an educated decision w/o consulting this forum! i wish i lived a bit closer -- i'm ~ 2 hrs away. :sad:

    thank you, everyone!
  2. I think to break up the monotony, the Pomme in Vernis would be great! The normal Damier canvas is also lovely!

    I'm going through the same situation! I want an agenda very badly in Taiga or Suhali but can't decide on the size. But small is a nice size to carry around!
  3. Seeing as you have the pomme cles, I vote for a pomme agenda. (But I like matching things ... can't cope with one of this, one of that.)
  4. The pomme would look awesome with your mono pieces, especially that you already have the cles to match!
  5. Maybe you should mix it up a bit. I love the T&B line and if it's a LE I'd go for it. I'd love a snap closure on my agenda, but I just have the "other" kind. The day the T&B came out I was having my initials heat stamped on the inside of my agenda! It was not meant to be. Happy/sad day!
  6. I love the vernis pomme, i've got the PM agenda myself and the bright pop of color is great.
  7. I love the trunks&bags design right now so my vote has to go to T&B agenda!!
  8. I was in the LV store the other day and they have this new mono one with a S lock and it uses a whole new different refill. Kind of cool ... retailed for I believe $265 ... give or take a few. I don't think they have it on Elux but it's definitely something worth checking out.
  9. my vote goes to the vernis pomme.
  10. I think the vernis in pomme is delicious but I also like the T&B agenda in mono...
  11. I'll shake things up a bit...I love the Black MC Agenda! Really stands out in my bag against my red wallet!
  12. damier Azur!!
  13. pomme :smile:
  14. thanks for everyone's opinions! keep 'em coming ... i have to wait until i get home later to make any purchases.

    are you talking about the partenaire pm? my bf really likes the lock on that! i found it on for $260 USD when i watched the holiday catalog thingie. someone else just bought a metallic suhali one and posted a thread about it. tres tres chic. you're right about the refills, they are different than the norm!

  15. i have a groom in yellow.
    i like the mono the best, out of all of the options, but for an egenda that has to last me years, i needed just a tad more spice, so i went with the le groom agenda to give it some life, and i love it to pieces!