agenda: small or med?

  1. I've narrowed the choices down to either the small or medium agenda. To those who have tried both: which is easier to write in? which is easier to fit into different size bags? Please share your preferences! Thanks!
  2. I have the small agenda. It's easy to fit into bags but the squares for the month area are really small. I wish I would have gotten the medium now. If you that wouldn't bother you though then the small does the job. Hope this helps!
  3. actually, I don't intend to use it as a calendar. i am going to use it as a notebook -- so my pages will be plain blank pages. do you think it will easy enough to write in?
  4. I prefer the medium agenda though. More space to write.
  5. Why doesn't LV make a newer Palm holder? They made only one and it only fits the Palm V. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I still used my paper daytimer, I would need the larger one for both work and personal appts.
  6. I have tried both and I like the medium better. It is easier to carry around the small one, but the medium one is more useful for me.
  7. I have the small agenda, and it is uncomfortable to write in. However, it does not take up a lot of room in my bag. You have to decide what is more important, easy to use, or easy to carry.
  8. I have the small and I find that although its a little bit more difficult to write fits in any of my LVs perfectly....
  9. I went from a medium to a small because it's easier to carry in all sort of bags... and I totally love it!! :love:
  10. If Possible ~ I Say Go In To Your Boutique & Try Both...An Agenda Really Have To Fit The Person (It Could Actually Be Your EVERYTHING!).
  11. i'm an anal agenda freak.. so the bigger the better-- go for medium.... or JUMBO! =D
  12. The super massive MC one is so fabulous.. but I think the medium sized one is ideal. It's probably not the most convenient for bags though.

    I wonder where our LV agenda collecting queen Caannie is ? :biggrin: