agenda size

  1. ok, I'm a newbie here, so this is probably a dumb question, but here goes: What is the differnce between a small ring agenda and the agenda pm. the LV website lists them as being the same size(4x6) and both have 6 rings. Also, are the refills interchangeable?

    For the record, i am looking at a small ring damier and the only refills I see are for the pm size. will they work?:confused1:
  2. hi there, the small agenda is the same thing as the agenda pm (just different names). So yep, if you get the small ring damier, the pm refills will work!
  3. Thanks for posting the question, Kimmya. I'm wondering though..why have the same product with two different names? Was LV trying to RE-name the small agenda?
  4. Sometimes LV gives different names to the same, the Vernis colour it's called Framboise or Raspberry. It could be because they had Agenda PM, medium ring agenda, and large ring agenda and there was confusion...where's the small ring agenda? they call it small ring agenda. I don't see anyone refer to medium as agenda MM and large as agenda GM...