Agenda Size Poll


Agenda Size Poll

  1. Completely Satisfied with the small size

  2. Somewhat satisfied, but sometimes wish it was bigger

  3. Too Small for me, I should have gotten a medium or large

  4. I don't even use the agenda

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  1. This poll is directed toward people who have a small size agenda. I was wondering how many people here are satisfied with that size.Or if you could do it again would you get a bigger agenda.
    • Completely satisfied with the small size
    • Somewhat satisfied, but I wish it was bigger sometimes
    • It is too small, I want a medium or large
    • I don't even use my agenda
  2. ^^ works for me but then again I use it to keep track of the mine and the kids doc/dentist appts and stuff like that. Nothing major.

    Otherwise if it was for business/work use i'd go with the medium.
  3. I love my agenda pm. I use it as a wallet as well.
  4. I just got my agenda last week, but it is serving it's purpose and the size doesn't bother me at all. I like that it fits in my purse and I don't have to carry around a larger one, it makes it very convienent.
  5. i think the small size is flexible to fit into the majority of the bags made by LV. i think it's a perfect fit into one of the purseket slots as well. and it definitely serves its purpose.
  6. Good question! I am contemplating getting an agenda and was wondering the same thing.
  7. I love the small, fits in all my bags what I don't like is trying to write in the tiny squares of the calendar. My writing is a mess!
  8. I love how the small size fits in my purse, and it's not too big to use as a wallet... and it transfers great from bag to bag... but if I really needed to write in it more, it'd be tougher.

    I'm glad my SA suggested the no-lined inserts...she said they were the japanese version... if you write big (like me) it might be the way to go!
  9. I don't have an agenda, but I wanted one. SO, I went to LV and considered the small agenda because it has the 1 day per page set-up (which it what I need), but I just couldn't fit what I needed to. Then I considered the medium agenda, which was definitely better, but I was told that you can't get a day per page refill for the medium size. So, I did not get an agenda from LV.

    However, if you don't need to write a lot and/or if you have small writing, the small size should probably work for you.
  10. The small size is PERFECT for me!!!
  11. I dont really use mine because it is so small, But i still like it.
  12. i love my agenda pm, but sometimes wish it was a little bit bigger. i have no problem with the actual size of the agenda, but i find that rings do not hold very much. i wish i could fit all 12 months in the agenda at one time.
  13. Small works for me. I have fairly small hands, so writing is not a problem. I use it all the time. I need lots of reminders for things LOL.
  14. I love the small size for carrying around in my purse. I would love to have a larger desk size to keep at home.
  15. i have two..... one in mono and one in vernis framboise.

    i used to use them alot ---- but now i use vernis one as a photo album and i hardly use it anymore.... i've been thinking about taking this beauty out, i gotta too much stuff in my bag!!!! i write just about everything on the wall calender at work anyway!

    but it's just so cute with matching nails pen!!!:heart: :p not to mention, hello kitty refills too.....