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  1. I've just started in my new job, and the agenda's they supply are horrible. I need one with good enough space to write several appointments on each day and prefer to see the whole week on two pages to get a full overview and like the days to be presented In columns.

    I had decided that the large agenda was a good size and the lovely Lee has authenticated two for me, but now I have second thoughts about the size. Nearest LV store is 8 hours away, so can't go in and see.

    What do you use/recommend?

    If anyone by any chance has pics of their agenda next to a a5 size book or pocket book I'd love to see, been browsing the agenda club, but just so many pages.

    If anyone has a comparison pic of the two I'd love that even more!
  2. I have the MM and while I like it I actually would prefer the larger size as I find it awkward to write appts as much hand hits the rings in an odd way. I will take a pic of it next to the bigger planner I currently prefer in a little bit
  3. Thank you! Been searching YouTube too, but most videos doesn't really give me a good idea of the size
  4. I also prefer to see my week at a glance. I have the mm and it suits me just fine as it fits in all my bags and I don't have to carry it separately.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378415348.621766.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378415359.202840.jpg

    Here is my mm on a regular sized Manila file folder for size comparison. Hth!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378420028.174654.jpg heres the MM on top of a larger planner. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378420091.895856.jpg
    Here it is opened.

    I prefer looking at a monthly view so I only use a few pages as a planner and have the rest filled with note paper and my frequent shopper/ gift cards. I actually use that pink one behind it and my iPhone though for actual planning. This stays at home as its fairly heavy and it holds things ido t want to lose. I'm a stat at home mom so my Neverfull is full of baby stuff that weighs enough as is. I just purchased a damier graphite pocket agenda that I'm going to try out as I think the smaller size will be better for my needs. If I were working I would probably buy the biggest one as I'd want to be able to lay it out on my desk and see everything.
  6. Very nice :smile:
  7. Where did you get these refills from? They're perfect!

    (Also I love the Ontario Trillium poking out at the top right of one of the pictures!! =D)
  8. I got them at Staples. Cheap but pretty! :smile:
  9. Oh and the Trillium is on my DL renewal form. :smile:. I never noticed that until you pointed it out. Lol
  10. These inserts also have the month at a glance and note papers as well. Here ya go!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378424324.153144.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378424342.597907.jpg
  11. The MM size for the agenda is perfect (LOVE mine) - not too small and not too big. Depends on how you want to carry it. PM too small to be functional for any substantial writing, IMO - just small jot notes.

    MM is the largest you may want to go in a purse. Any larger agenda would be desk option or business tote bag.

    You can never go wrong with an agenda - I love them:okay:
  12. I have the GM for over 10 yrs now. Had a few different ones. I write large and I buy the filofax A5 refill for day on a page. I wish I could use the mm. It would fit better in my bags even though I use large bags but it's just too small for me to write in. I do have a pm as well and a cover bloc A5 that kind of just sits here. If you write large like me, I say Gm. good luck. The filofax refill fits all lv agendas.
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  13. Thank you so much for the help and especially the pictures!!
    I can see that the mm size would fit better in my purse, but the gm is probably better at work, so will need to figure out if I can make do with the mm size.

    If not I usually use my neverfull mm and the large would probably fit. And my agenda usually lives at work, but needs to accompany me to meetings.

    Anyone know if Filofax supply the days in columns for the mm?
    I think that might be the most important to me
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  14. The MM size is considered Personal size on the Filofax website - and I don't think they have columns for days - but rather one day per-page or two-days per-page, etc...

    They have hole punchers there too and I have created my own pages the way I like on the computer and punched them myself to place in my agenda. Just a thought - if there is nothing out there you don't like - just created your own! Most of my pages in my agenda are of my own creation from the computer - I cut it to length with my flat board paper cutter and punch them. I have index dividers from Filofax and use them as separators between my custom made pages. Viola' :cutesy:
  15. Ive owned the PM and MM - PM just too small for me to write all my notes being a MUM and all to 3 boys, l sold it and now have the medium size which is perfect.
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