Agenda - size and usefulness

  1. Dear fellow LV lovers :heart:

    I'm itching for one agenda (since I have discarded my Dopod phone) to help me get organised.

    I need advise on the following. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    - for those of us who have busy schedules, is a small agenda enough to meet your needs or do you have a medium one instead?

    - for those of us who have agendas, do we use it - all the time/ sometimes/ not at all?

  2. I was fortunate to find a small koala agenda.. and it's a little small to write in, I don't have a ton of things going on at the moment - so it's perfect. However, if you have multiple things you need to keep track of, and also to have an easier time to write in, a medium agenda might be your best bet (despite the lack of options). If you plan on using any agenda... a vernis one might get damaged easier than a canvas/denim one.
  3. I have the Koala agenda & love it. It's perfect for me. I admit to not using it as much as I should but it's sooo cute ( I got the one w/ light pink lining). I can write in it comfortably but I also dont' write tons in it.
  4. thanks for the useful tips!

    Indeed, options are quite limited for those medium agendas. And you are so right about vernis being more prone to damage than canvas.
  5. If you have a busy schedule, Med might be your best choice. I own two PM, as student w/part time's just not enough space even w/Day per page refill. It's also very hard to write w/nail pen (the one that fits in pen loop) for a long time. Just my 2 cents, but many of PFers do own and is fine w/PM :yes:
  6. Totally agree with Classic Chic. I'm a full-time university student with a part-time job and my agenda is always packed with assignment deadlines, tests, tutorial times, work times, meetings, etc. Medium is definitely the best choice.
  7. i've answered this question before, but i'll do it again. :smile:

    i have a desk agenda, aka: no flimsy flaps or button snaps. i can't stand that stuff, esp when i need to jot something down real quick or find something fast. it has a big flap pocket on the inside front and a small pocket for business cards.. and a small flap pocket on the back inside. i use the thing to death.. it's seen better days that's for sure.. i get the LV refills too. i fill it up with work and errand/bills/due dates/etc.. i'm a guy and i can't figure out how people write inside such a small agenda like the small size, or even the mini agenda.. let alone a medium one.. i can write comfortably in the large or desk.. and the pocket agenda is actually ok too. i have the pocket agenda on the side for directions/phone numbers/lists/etc as well as holding my checkbook. :smile:
  8. i have the panda agenda and been using it for some times.
    it's a comfortable size to carry around everyda adn big enough to write on
  9. I love Louis Vuitton agenda's.
  10. i have the panda agenda and the small blue suhali agenda.

    While they are small and fiddly to write in, it's easy to fit in your bag, and i have bought the filo fax business card inserts, so it acts as my phone book/business card and other card holders (like loyalty cards etc), which i don't like to carry in my wallet

    Although i don't really take mine along with me when i go out
  11. I use the small, but I don't have that much to write down (spend most of my time in lab anyway) - you should definitely get at least a medium.

    But if you get a small, the vernis is awesome! I've had my vernis small agenda for over a year now and it still looks great, no scratches on the outside, and just a teeny bit of color transfer around the edges from when I had it in a tote that rubbed color on it. But vernis in general really isn't that delicate!
  12. thanks so much for your reply!

    like what classicchc, karman and frozen7313 mentioned, I believe it would be good to get a medium agenda. But i am struggling with the convenience to put the big item in a bag (well, it doesn't fit into my coach now...).

    The smaller agenda's rings bothered me a bit as they are so small. It seems tough to fit more pages into the rings. And I didn't really like to see "Made in Spain" in the smaller agendas. I noticed it's written as "Made in France" in the medium ones. Well, it seems i'm overly picky...

    need to sleep through it and think about my options... the SA at DFS was really nice and patient though....:tup:
  13. The small ones are great to keep phone numbers and dates in + a few cc's. If you use it alot for school,work,etc, I'd suggest going with a bigger one.
  14. I use my small agenda ALL THE TIME! I find it really handy when I need to write something down quickly - even if you fill it with blank pages, it's great for jotting (sp?) notes to yourself and quick memos. Plus, I got the Murakami one so I love pulling it out and seeing the mushroom man!
  15. I love the denim agendas. If I had use for one, I'd get the black one!