agenda refills

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  1. so there are different types of agenda refills? what are they?

    btw, when we buy an agenda from LV what do we get inside the agenda? do we get ruler and those plastic sheets or do we have to buy them separetely?
  2. Can't help you witht eh different refills.

    When you buy the agenda, you only get the cover. It does not come with the ruler, stickers, map, blah blah blah... They have to be purchase separately. You might be a free 2006 full set refill if the SA is nice... since the year is ending...
  3. so whats included in a full set refill?
  4. I'm wrong about the ruler... just check mine..
  5. be back with photos if you are patient enough
  6. I've got the small agenda... Here are the Daily ones (the full set, I call it)

    Consist of the yearly, monthly, daily, map, phone book, sticker, ruler

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  7. The sticker as well...

    As for the weekly set that I bought for 2007, does not include the map and the phone book.

    Hope that help you.

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  8. oh i get it now.. so you have the small agenda yea? which one?

    i noticed from the cards inside your agenda, you are from aussie too.. WA?
  9. I've got the Azur... it's yummy. Yup. I'm from WA. Whata re you intending to get?
  10. i'm a guy, so probably get the damier...

    but i'm not sure whether i should get one or not.. i used to use the diary i got from uni in my first year, then i kinda stopped on my 3rd and 4th year of uni. lol! dunno why..

    maybe i should get into the habit again... i need to have a look at it first, see the size.. small might be too small, but medium might be too big hahaha...
  11. An agenda will be my next purchase I think. I really want the mono koala with the pink interior. Any ideas what that retails for here in Aust?
  12. koala agenda would be $515-ish
  13. :wlae: :wlae:

    Thank you. I will definitely be ordering one with the refills. :graucho:
  14. i bought mine on ebay but it came with a full set of 2007 refills. it came with month on 2 days, then a week on 2 days, notes, address pages, ruler, stickers, plastic pages to put business cards... don't know what else i'm missing. i have the medium agenda.
  15. Damier is nice. I love Damier stuffs. I think the small agenda witht he daily refills are more than sufficient. The weekly is really too small.