Agenda Refills

  1. Does any one know what the retail value was for the cerises agenda refills????
  2. I just filled my Vernis agenda and it was $56.00 for the datebook and address book.
  3. is that the cerises refills though or the normal ones, as i know the cerises ones are more expensive - i am bidding on some on ebay and just wanted to make sure that I was not over bidding LOL

  4. Isn't there an order page included with the pages in the agenda? Mine has one. Are the pages different than the regular vuitton refills?
  5. $60
  6. I think they were $80 IIRC
  7. Yes, they are. The pages are decorated with cherries and there is also a sheet of cherry stickers.
  8. Check the LV website and check the online shops to compare prices... (the Cherry refill is sooooo cute!!!)
  9. Kimmy, I have the cheries agenda set that I would be willing to work out a VERY good deal with you please check your PM:nuts:
  10. i ordered them through 866-vuitton last month and they charged me $64 (without tax)
  11. Mine were $64 too.
  12. I got a cerisis one last oct. on elux. Since then, not even the complete regular one has been available. Do you guys know if they carry these in the LV Stores? Do they usually have them available at any time or is it only available at certain times? Thanks all!
  13. you can call 866-VUITTON and ask if there are still any available. they will search all the stores in the country and if they locate one they'll ship it to you.

    do you need one for 2006 or 2007? if it's 2006 they should still be available. i don't know about 2007; maybe you can only get them towards the end of the year.

    hope this helps!
  14. i had emailed eluxury and even though its not on their site they have it in stock. The small complete refill is $56.00. Hope this helps!
  15. Wow!! Thank you so much. That is awesome!!! Of course, I don't know why I didn't think of that myself!!!! Too preoccupied with this forum I guess!!! It's addicting.