Agenda Refills

  1. eBay: 2007 AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON SMALL AGENDA DIARY REFILL (item 140090423997 end time Mar-03-07 00:32:42 PST)

    I'm running out of luck finding any of the Sanrio ones, so before I jump at this one just wanted to know the following:

    Is this the normal price, if i can still find them in the LV stores?

    I see this refill set does not include the address book, is there a set that does include the address book? Or is it sold separately? :confused1:

  2. they are about 20$ less in store, check you don't have to pay that exorbant price. its not an item the lv store runs out of. (except at the very turn of the friggin year! go fig!)
  3. oh, you can get just paper: lined or unlined
    a full agenda refill with rules, addy book and agenda pages (which come 3 diff ways)
    or just the agenda pages
  4. That's way over retail! And they are NOT sold out - I just bought a small-ring agenda last week and bought the 2007 refills.

  5. Yep recently brought mine too.
  6. i am going in to get just the address book this week, some b1tch at work stole it and put it in her fake gucci bag. pulled out *MY* real addy insert (which i haven't used yet b/c everything is in my phone) and had all sorts of drawing on the blank spots and names all in it!!!!!!!!

    she said she bought it off of eBay. um, mine went *missing* along with my cutie pie LV mini ruler last week....... hmmmmmmmm....

    how long till she tries to say she bought a ruler on line...........

    lesson learned: fake carrying fools will steal out of your desk. don't bring things i LIKE to work unless i can carry them on my person. don't let the belongings out of my sight. im going to kill the brat.
  7. ^^^ Omg! That is terrible!
  8. My local staples had agenda refills that fit the small agenda.

    I also order off, and Elux
  9. I just returned mine today. They were $58 and included the address book