Agenda refills--when are they given away?

  1. I know that towards this time of the year LV gives away the agenda refills. Does anyone have a date on this or know if it is happening already?
  2. wow, i didn't know this happened? i thought you had to buy your own.
  3. It's more towards September and October. It's only because there are only a couple months left on the refill so they really can't sell it for the $70 it costs for a new one.
  4. Ya it is the end of september they give them away.
  5. what do you do go in and ask for a free refill ?
    just curious i don't have a agenda but i still want to know :rolleyes:
  6. ^When you buy an agenda, they'll give the refill for the rest of 2007 to you for free (as opposed to if you bought one in say, January when they'd charge you $70 for the year's refill).
    I'm pretty sure you can't just get one without buying the agenda.
  7. I already have an agenda, and was told that toward the end of the year (after the magical date) I could come in and pick up a free one...
  8. hmm this is interesting. its good to know
  9. I'm going to have to try that at my store! My SA never told me that when I got mine last year. :sneaky:
  10. Worth a try, eh?
  11. I purchased a Vernis Framboise agenda late in August last year, and the SA gave me the 2006 Cerises agenda refills. I was told that it was the last year that cerises refills would be available you can imagine how HAPPY I was, walking away with a pretty agenda with pretty refills.