Agenda Refills questions.

  1. I take it that elux is not carrying refills for this year or next year, right? Do I need to call a Boutique to order them? Just wanted to check and make sure that I have missed them on elux.
  2. I was in the Boutique last week and they are expecting the 2008 refills in the next couple of weeks, they still had some 2007. I imagine Elux will carry the 2008 shortly:yes:
  3. Are they called something particular. I see note pages and adhesive notes on elux but nothing about the calendar pages for 2007:wondering. Maybe I am losing it.
  4. No - they have taken them off Elux to make way for the 2008. If it is 2007 you want, it might be worth trying the Boutique as my Store had some left:smile:
  5. call the store, im sure someone said they give them away near the end of the year.
  6. Thanks ladies.
  7. Gosh I hope they are giving them away - I'm off to my 'local' store this weekend and want to pick some up for both my Small and Large Ring Agendas.
  8. they usually give it away IF you buy the agenda that same day. when i asked for the refills at the boutique, they said it usually comes in about the middle of september.... its probably why elux doesnt have it yet.
  9. Ah well. If the new ones aren't even in yet, I doubt I'm in for much luck with getting the old ones cheap! :sad:

    Does anyone know if LV make day-per-page for Large Ring?