Agenda refill?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here, love all the photos here:heart:
    I've just spotted an agenda in chevre mysore/blue thalasas at my local store,but I've heard that Hermes agendas only fits their own refills, is this true?:confused1:
  2. You know, before I thought that it would only hold the Hermes refills, because that's what I bought. But now that I look at it, if you just happened to find a metal spiral agenda that has a flexible spine and it's the right size, it may just fit that. But personally, I think it's fun to have the Hermes inserts, because they are so unique and interesting (the agenda comes with two other pull out pieces, plus various calendars, conversions, international holidays, etc.) :yes: Notebook additions are only $20 something, at least for my Globetrotter :yes: (the agenda insert was $90) If you haven't looked at the inside of the agenda yet, the insert holders are small metal half-loops on each end:
  3. I just got it this morning - Isn't it beautiful?

    Now to find inserts that fits... (Sorry, just don't think paying $90 is my thing, even if it is Hermes)
    DSC01180.JPG DSC01181.JPG DSC01182.JPG
  4. Beautiful! I just love Brighton Blue! :love:
  5. Gorgeous - love the Brighton Blue!!