Agenda Refill: Week/Page or Week/2 Pages?

  1. Which do you use in your agenda? Week on a page or 2 pages? And which size agenda do you use?
  2. I don´t use the LV refills but my refills have a 2 page/week setting.
  3. Oh and it´s the small ring agenda.
  4. I have the small agenda and use the week over two pages. However, it's a bit full with the full year in there, I am considering going down to only keeping 6 months and the rest in the box my agenda came in for storage.
  5. Does the entire year of refills fit in your agenda? I got my charmmy kitty refills today which are soooo cute (I HAVE TO GET A CAMERA!!) but they are week on one page, which I think may be too small for me, not sure yet, but the whole package just fits in my binder rings. Do you have the whole year in at once?
  6. The whole year yes and then there´s some months of 2008.
  7. That is a good idea, the small is too bulky with the whole year plus some blank note pages in there. week over two days is much more useful imo.
  8. I have a small ring agenda and have to use the day on a page refill or else I would have needed to buy a medium agenda
  9. i use a medium agenda, and i have a week/2 pages planner, and even then i wish they had it in a week/3 pages. it helps to have more room to write in in case you suddenly have 35748651 things to do a day
  10. one week on 2 pages. Small mc agenda.
  11. i use LV refill, 1week on 2pages - japanese version ones. Groom agenda
  12. What's the difference with the Japanese Version Refill?

    Is the difference between the complete refill/ and the refill an additional address book?

    Wow I definetly don't need day per page. That would be a lot of paper!

    Also, does the ruler/page marker come with the refills?

    For the week on 2 pages, does every week have facing pages or do they all have a graphic inserted between?

    And what is the price of these?

    Thanks for your help!
  13. The refill that only has the weekly is, I think, $32. And the complete refill with address book is $73. I could be wrong but I think both comes with a ruler. This is for the meduim size agendas.
  14. I have the damier koala agenda. This year I used the week/2 page refill. My SA accidentally gave me page per day refills for next year, and I like them much better. They have the hour marked from 8am-9pm with a line for each. I find if I have lines I write better! Saturday and Sunday are both on same page. Ruler and address book came with it. The pages are wrapped in I think quarter year so you open each quarter as it comes and put it in your agenda. The whole year won't fit.