Agenda refill questions...

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  1. Ok so now that my MC agenda has arrived I was looking on Eluxury at the agenda refills...Q though: Does LV only sell lined refills? Do LV boutiques sell dated refills with a calendar? If so how much are they? I only saw the plain lined refills on Elux. :shrugs:
  2. there are a bunch of options, they aren't always on elux...I have a medium and get the week on two pages and stuff, I can also use filofax stuff in it...
  3. LV has lined plain lined pages with gold edging for 16.00 for Pm size and the boutiques carry all of the the refills in weekly, monthly, daily, ect. there is a surplus of different formats. i think for the complete refill for Pm size is $62.00(comes with lots of little goodies) and $31.00 just for the agenda pages.
  4. Thank you Lola24 and Everlong for replying! I will go to the LV boutique tomorrow...I've been delaying it for a few days because I'm worried I might go in for agenda refills and also walk out with a new handbag.
  5. I use both LV and filofax refills. The filofax are only about 5.
  6. I use Coach refills for my LV agendas. Im too cheap to get the LV's. lol.