Agenda refill edges

  1. Since I have the best coming, I want the best inside as well...does the Agenda refill from LV have gilded edges? I want to see the bling everywhere! :yahoo:
  2. Oh, they most definitely do! I love using the LV refills, they're so SHINYYYY!
  3. really? Does anyone have pics? I thought I would just get some plain non LV refills but I wanna see!!!
  4. Nice and gold and blingy!!!
  5. Yes, they are very shiny. Let me go grab my agenda and I'll post pics as soon as I can here.
  6. Okay, here's the best images I could get. Tried to get it blinging in the light. Hope this sorta helps.
    agenda1.jpg agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg agenda4.jpg
  7. oh i see! looks great! xx thanks
  8. Here's a pic in my new pomme agenda - I am so glad I got the LV refill - the gold looks so amazing!


  9. Oh! I didn't know it had those edges!! I want them now!!