Agenda reference: refills, vernis size comparison

  1. Sizing comparison

    Shown is the Mini Agenda in Framboise and the Small Agenda in Indigo


    Here's how the sizings compare with a Vernis Cles


    Mini Agenda

    : 3.1" x 4.1" x 4.1"
    specs: Has 3 slots, one is for holding the actual agenda, the other two can be free.
    cost at Jan 1 2007: $225.00 USD

    The left one is a larger pocket, shown holding my license and money


    The right is the two pockets. The front one is very small and can only hold 1-2 cards. The other long pocket is for holding the actual agenda.



    3.9" x 5.7" x 5.9"
    specs: 3 credit card slots and 2 lengthwise pockets. If you purchase a complete refill it will come with the address book with slides into one of the lengthwise pockets.
    cost at Jan 1st 2007: $305.00 USD

    Shown are the 3 credit card slots and the lengthwise pocket.


    The other pocket where the address book slides into if you recieve a complete refill.


    up next... Louis Vuitton refills

    Refills for the MINI Agenda


    Shown is the Mini Agenda DAY refills. Was told by LV that they only come in complete (meaning with the address book). They come as a group of four books, meaning 3 months in each agenda booklet.

    The first pages show holidays and every so often there are pages depicting special Louis Vuitton things such as pictures of old posters or discussions of the Louis Vuitton racing cup.

    Cost of the refills as of Jan 1st 2007: $66.00 USD

    Refills for the SMALL Agenda

    There are many refill options for the SMALL Agenda. Shown are the 2 page day functional refills for 2007.

    Cost of this type of refills for the SMALL Agenda as of Jan 1st: $33.00 USD


    The front portion also has a block calendar for quick scheduling


    Refills functional vs. complete

    Functional refills contain the agenda refills with the two items shown above, the stickers, a ruler to keep your place and that is it.

    Complete refills feature the items above plus an address book, blank pages, maps, timezone information, and information of average temperatures around the world.

    The stickers that come in functional and complete refills. These are the stickers from last year, this year they're blue.


    Map example found in the complete refills


    Note pages found in the complete refills


    Up next... third party refills and how they fit.
  3. Third Party refills for LOUIS VUITTON Agendas

    So far NO third party refills fit into the MINI Agenda. The options below are meant for the SMALL Agenda.


    Hello Kitty refills are pretty popular around here. Most people have purchased them off of eBay.


    Filofax Official Website, Filo Fax, Filofax Online, Filofax Country Selector
    The Container Store - The Original Storage and Organization Store®

    Filofax refills
    are popular as well. The SMALL Sized Vuitton Agendas fit the POCKET Sized filofax refills.

    Here are the options:
    Filofax USA - Filofax Pocket 2007 Calendar Refills

    Cost as of Jan 2007: $4.00 - $9.00 USD depending on the type of refill


    Kate Spade Refills also fit in the SMALL Sized agenda

    Please contribute your pictures if you have them to this post! Also, PM me if you have any third party pens that fit into your agendas.

    Next up... Agenda pens...
  4. Oooh thanks for doing this!! Maybe someone has bigger agendas too? I have two PMs and have used Filofax and the Hello Kitty ones.

    In case anyone is looking for a PENCIL, I got mine at Borders and it comes in lots of bright colors. I think it was $4 and fits perfectly.

    I just realized I don't have a pic, but I'll take one tomorrow since my agenda is elsewhere.
  5. Ooo that'd be awesome if some of the larger agenda ladies and gents would take pics of theres! I haven't gotten awesome enough to get the desk agenda yet. I'd love to see those refills. :biggrin:
  6. What a great post! This is really valuable info.
  7. Great post!!

    Here's cerries agenda refill..

  8. thanks for the info! I want a mini agenda reminds me of the carnet de bal but just a little bit bigger. Nita love the cerises refills
  9. Thank you soo much for starting this thread. I was wondering what the Hello Kitty refill size is for a monogram koala and a epi medium agenda?
  10. GOODNESS! The mini agenda refills cost MORE than the small agenda refills?!?!? That's ridiculous!

    Thanks for posting this btw, it was very helpful!!!
  11. oh darling this is sooooooooooooooo helpfull I wanted a mini agenda but tought it was too smalll now I have a bigger idea do u think the mini agenda can be used as a wallet ??
  12. WOW!! Thank you for your informative post....that really helps those of us that can't get to a LV boutique easily! ;P I noticed you said that the Hello Kitty fits the small agenda? I was at the Hello Kitty store the other day and the ones they had were too long for the small agenda? Do they have more than 1 size? I thought they were so cute and bummed that they didn't fit, any info you have would be great! :yes:
  13. Thanks for all the good information!
  14. That's what I'm using mine for, but keep in mine I really think it can hold maybe max 4 cards and some cash. No coin slot. :yes:
  15. here are pictures of my charmmy hello kitty refills and my pencil! :smile: I got the refills here!
    ag2.jpg ag3.jpg