Agenda recommendations please!

  1. Hello everyone...I am planning on going to LV sometime this weekend to buy an agenda. I am looking for either a mini or small size. So....which one should I get? Do certain ones scratch or get dirty easier? Do they come with the first calendar or do I need to buy that separately? Thanks!:smile:
  2. I just bought my first agenda yesterday (azur) and returned it today for an Epi. I got the small size, it's large enough for me to write in, yet small enough to fit in my bags. I have a palm pilot so I don't expect to write EVERYTHING in my agenda but we'll see. They come without a calandar. The calandar inserts are about $60 extra. A lot of people here will tell you to order from, as I did yesterday, and today I checked my local Staples and they had inserts that fit. Filofax had a nicer selection though, so I recommend it!

    I chose the epi bc it's durable. The azur would have been too lite in color. I hope that helps somewhat!
  3. Thanks iheartvuitton....I really like the azur but I figured it might get dirty. I'll keep looking!
  4. the small 4x6 is great.

    [​IMG] Mono or damier would be nice.
    Or black MC [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    If you do a lot of writing then i'd go for the Med.
  5. I have the small epi (mandarin) and I love it! I think it will be quite durable for a long time.
  6. Does anyone out there have a mini agenda? it measures approx 3"x4"...would this be way too small?
  7. I like the small agenda.
  8. I have the mini agenda in mono/canvas, LV inserts cost apx 40.00 /yr but im sure you can find less expensive out there, the agenda is a good size for a pocket
  9. To me, the mini was way too small. I have a hard enough time fitting things in my 4 x 6 one - but I do love it!
  10. I had the small azur and returned it - it was too flimsy and fragile for me. I ended up with the small vernis agenda and I love it. The mini would be too small for me, since the pages for the small are already pretty tiny.
  11. Epi is super durable and elegant in all of the sizes! Good luck!
  12. I have been hearing bad reviews about the Azur agenda, but I still want it though. :roflmfao: I also really like the Black MC Agenda.. so I say go for that! Good luck with your decision
  13. I've just gotten a small black nomade...and I love it...however, since it is nomade it will scratch easily so I guess I'll have to be kinda careful with it...or just buy a new one next year. :nuts:.
  14. I have the Small Red Groom agenda. I bought the sticky notes and the calendar also. It's like 50 bucks for both but it's sooo cute.