Agenda recommendations please!


Dec 12, 2006
Hello everyone...I am planning on going to LV sometime this weekend to buy an agenda. I am looking for either a mini or small size. So....which one should I get? Do certain ones scratch or get dirty easier? Do they come with the first calendar or do I need to buy that separately? Thanks!:smile:
I just bought my first agenda yesterday (azur) and returned it today for an Epi. I got the small size, it's large enough for me to write in, yet small enough to fit in my bags. I have a palm pilot so I don't expect to write EVERYTHING in my agenda but we'll see. They come without a calandar. The calandar inserts are about $60 extra. A lot of people here will tell you to order from, as I did yesterday, and today I checked my local Staples and they had inserts that fit. Filofax had a nicer selection though, so I recommend it!

I chose the epi bc it's durable. The azur would have been too lite in color. I hope that helps somewhat!
the small 4x6 is great.

Mono or damier would be nice.
Or black MC

If you do a lot of writing then i'd go for the Med.
I had the small azur and returned it - it was too flimsy and fragile for me. I ended up with the small vernis agenda and I love it. The mini would be too small for me, since the pages for the small are already pretty tiny.
I've just gotten a small black nomade...and I love it...however, since it is nomade it will scratch easily so I guess I'll have to be kinda careful with it...or just buy a new one next year. :nuts:.