agenda questions

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  1. How "thick" are the different H agendas? I'm thinking I may need one. (I have a Franlin Covey- it's cute I promise!- but it's so massive that I put that and my wallet in my herbag and the thing is stuffed almost to the point of not closing. And they say it's pocket sized! :rolleyes: )

    The Ulysses seems to be the most popular style, right? Any practical reason for this, or just because its the prettiest or most readily available?
  2. Hi and welcome! You may want to do a search as we have several threads on the agendas....I have bought and sold a couple and finally have one I love - it's a zip one and the perfect medium size...I thought the Ulysses was more of a notebook than agenda? I could be agenda inserts slide into clips but my ulysses has snaps for the inserts of plain paper...I love having a bright, beautiful H agenda!
  3. Let us know what you end up with. I have been a Franklin girl for 10+ years and its hard to wean. I am leaning towards something electronic but am not excited about doing so as I like to touch my pages. Keep me/us posted.
  4. hmm, ok yeah the ulysses is a notebook. oops!

    I did a search and found a lot of info...the globetrotter is probably closest to what I'm used to... I really didn't find any info though on how wide they are (only height and width). They don't look like they take up much more space than what the refill is though (does that make *any sense? lol!) that right? About how wide are they? (I ask becasue the monstrosity I'm using now is probably a good 2" thick and just takes up too much reason for it to be that fat!!)
  5. ilovechoo, I took a look at some agendas on my last visit, and all of them seemed very compact in terms of thickness...nowhere near 2 inches. The width of some of the ones I've seen on eBay are less than 1" thick. I'd do a search on eBay and check out the dimensions some of the sellers have listed. I believe there's a globetrotter out there that's .5" thick. I'd also check out the agenda refills on HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance as it gives you an idea as to calendar view options. I think the agendas are very minimal relative to the Franklin Coveys, i.e., they stay compact because the inserts are divided up into a quarterly basis I believe--not an entire year's worth jammed into the agenda depending on the inserts you choose. HTH!
  6. Orchids is absolutely correct! The inserts come in sections so you don't carry the entire year at a time...and they are not very thick at all. OF course if you prefer to have the entire year, this could pose a problem. The larger sizes are no thicker than the smaller ones either...they are truly beautiful and fun to look at inside your bag!