agenda questions

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  1. How often does Coach put out new agendas? I'm very interested in upgrading from my current Staples version, but I am looking for something a little more fun than the regular black and none of the signature stuff is doing it for me.

    What are the odds of them putting out a scarf print or watercolor stripe agenda? Wouldn't that be fabulous!? Or an ergo agenda? Those would make my day, but I wonder if Coach does things like that?

    Also, has anyone seen anything interesting at the outlets lately? About 3 weeks ago I saw a pretty cute lilac agenda at a south Florida outlet, anyone know if those are still available?

    happy shopping,
  2. Have you taken a look at the legacy stripe agendas? They are so cute.
  3. the only one I am really interested right now is the large legacy stripe agenda. Anyone know how much that retailed for and when? Still available?
  4. ^ i would love to know the same !!! i love the legacy one but ive never seen it anywhere! or heard of it being avail.
  5. legacy stripe has been sold out for awhile. check eBay, but last time i checked, the prices were pretty high...but, personally, i needed a more durable agenda.

    i have a khaki sig/pink one. and probably buying the pink sig one for my birthday.

    eta: i saw the lilac agendas at the outlet a few weeks back too. i bought one and sold it- but i'm sure you can find another one there you like.
  6. thats a good point the legacy one prob wouldnt be as durable,,

    right now i have a 3X5 pink leather coach agenda which i really like
    its small but i always used a larger agenda and then realized i dont really write that much down haha :smile: so i decided to try out a smaller one and its working out quite well!
  7. When I was at the outlet last week they had lilac, light blue, black, and brown sig....
  8. i have the legacy stripe agenda...and love it!!!
  9. I was at the Hagerstown outlet last week & only saw the brown sig. agendas.

    Anyone know how often they come out with new styles? Is it only year-end or early in the year?
  10. The Legacy striped one I saw on eBay was up to $256.00 with a day still left in bidding...there's also another one at about $78 but there are 8 days left in the auction....
  11. I have the Legacy Stripe Agenda and have had it since it came out in September. I bought it retail for $218.00. I love it! It really holds up and I use it on a daily basis - almost hourly. :yes:
  12. Sigh...I am so envious! i just know it would be perfect for me, but eBay only has two auctions going right now and I am not in any position to buy myself, I was looking for my birthday wishlist.

    I guess I can only hope that they decide to put some more out or come out with some new designs soon.
  13. I've seen the Legacy Stripe and the Scarf print agendas on Ebay.
    I got one just last weekend from the outlet - brown signature print. I love it.
  14. hmm I don't recall seeing any agendas at the outlet over the weekend. I do really like signature stripe agenda in orange. $150+ for an agenda is a lot to me though.
  15. it does seem like a lot, but for the amount I use my agenda, it would be totally worth it to me to have one I love. My agenda goes everywhere with me, I am constantly writing in it, looking things up in it, saving things in it, and drawing in's the only thing that keeps me organized