Agenda questions~Not sure?

  1. Hello All~ I really want to get an agenda....not sure which one to get though.:confused1: I would like one to go with about everything....I really do use my agenda at work..(like a bible) as I use for appointments etc...Can't get by without it. I currently have a medium COACH agenda...but want LV. I am thinking about Framboise/Indigo? What size? Does anyone have comparisons of innards? (LOL):roflmfao: Any help will be greatly appreciated....:flowers: ...I will sell my other one for a NEW/new-used LV:heart: :angel:
  2. vernis only come is the small pm size.
    if you want something bigger you'd have to go mono/damier
  3. ^^ Yea... I wish they come in medium though. :P
  4. I just don't have anything to go by? I have absolutely no idea how the small ones look on the inside...I'll try e-lux...
  5. ^^^Ghost 55
    here is the pm, in the mc. Same idea you'd have in the vernis.
    IMG_4856.jpg IMG_4857.jpg IMG_4858.jpg
  6. Oh~ I likey! Now to decide? UGH!!!!!! How do I set up a poll?
    Thanks so Much!
  7. Get the indigo to replace your stillwood. :biggrin: Here are some pics of my red one inside.
    aaw1.jpg aaw2.jpg aaw4.jpg
  8. I am calling LV right now....looking for one....=)we shall see....
  9. lol...I took some pics for you, but the ones others have put up came out much better...if you do write a lot in your agenda, a medium might be better, but I think you could be able to get by with a day on a page refill in a small. and vernis is SO PRETTY
  10. Man oh man....30 indigo agendas left....hmmm I wish i could find one used w/ less price:crybaby: I so don't want to spend too much...that is almost a bag:sad: Golly have to think on it~ I appreciate all your help....decisions are the worst:wtf:
  11. ^^ you could try emailing let-trade and asking if he has any...maybe you will get lucky?
  12. I'll give it a go!
  13. :idea: If you are looking for a Medium Agenda, what about the Epi in Red

    That's an awesome color as well and you needn't worry about color transfer, etc. :shame:
  14. what about the damier koala one? it's real nice and u can throw it around without getting it ruined!
  15. OT but gorgeous nails!
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