agenda questions and picture request?

  1. I found a 6x8 leather agenda on a website that someone is selling for $30 (yes it's real!)

    I was wondering if anyone had one? Could you take some size reference pictures? Maybe next to a DVD case or a piece of paper or something?

    Also, would it fit comfortably inside a medium ergo hobo? (if not, that's okay)

    Oh, and where could I find refills to fit one other than the Coach website?

    Thanks ladies! :smile:
  2. Here is a picture of mine with a DVD case next to it:

    I'm not really sure about it fitting in the medium ergo, maybe someone else can help you with that. It is fairly large but it's great! It fits in most of my bags and they aren't huge. I also don't really know about refills, I think probably a Office Depot or someplace like that would definately have refills. Hope I helped!
  3. I have a 6x8 agenda and it's really big. I'm happy with my choice, but when I need to carry it (for work), I have to take a bigger bag. Depending on what you carry, you could put it in the medium ergo hobo. I have a large ergo hobo and I carry my agenda, a checkbook wallet, a 6x8 journal, coach sunglasses case, a small beauty case, cell phone, etc. with a little extra room.
  4. That makes sense. I mean, I would only carry the agenda sometimes, not constantly. I would need to fit a mini skinny (I use it as my wallet), a small "emergency" bag, a thing of hand sanitizer, a mini hairbrush, and my keys. Other stuff just goes in the inside pockets.

    It seems like it will work for me!