Agenda Question

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  1. I recieved my small vernis pomme d'amour agenda in the mail today... i was so excited until i opened the box...Is the binder part supposed to be removeable, because its not fixed in a i've never seen one irl i dont know if its normal.... help pls
  2. No- it definitely should be attached. You need to contact elux (or the boutique) and orchestrate an exchange.
  3. def should be attached...back it goes...sorry
  4. Bummer! Hopefully your replacement comes fast!
  5. Oh dear, call them up now and exchange it.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone--I really appreciate it

    I was in denial and didnt want to believe it was broken, just called and its going back to eluxury
  7. it's great you discovered it first, it happended to one of tPFer and her hubby just fix it for her, something about the brass extender isn't secured on the cover.
  8. no def not. i was going to say what classic chic did above.
    another tpf'er had her hubby fix it. he tapped it in to secure it. if you do a search you can find her and ask. she had not had probs since!