agenda question??

  1. epi mandarin or white mc??? I already have a mono wallet and a damier cosmetic bag. thanks....the mc is sooo much!!:sad:
  2. ooh epi mandarin! love the orange (not a fan of mc :sad: )
  3. ooh and orange will look great with mono and esp damier!
  4. either is nice :smile:
  5. Have you seen the damier koala agenda with mandarin leather inside? Its gorgeous!
  6. Either one is nice, but I love the epi mandarin.

  7. :yes: :yes: which one you love better?? don't settle for something less because that crave will haunt you . Save more $$ if you have to..
  8. Mandarin is really gorgeous, IMO!
    I'm not a fan of MC!
  9. I agree with bagsnbags, if you really want something you've just gotta go for it, cause if you settle for something else you'll never truly be content!

    I learned the hard way, I really really wanted MC speedy but the price is insane. I got a MC audra instead... hated it, sold it and now finally have my speedy and am happy!
  10. Go for what you love...even if it more $ you'll be happier in the long run.