Agenda Question..

  1. I was browsing through my wishlist when I came across the Multicolore Small Ring Agenda description when I got to the "Agenda, address book, or notepad refills available separately." So does that mean it comes empty? Or that you just have the option of buying refills when you run out? Lol Sorry if this is a dumb question but in the picture it looks empty?:shrugs:
  2. Yes it comes empty, you have to buy the refill. Whether you get it from Lv or staples/daytimer.
  3. Yes, it is sold empty and the filler is sold separately.

    If I could do it over again I would have just bought my refills from filofox -- they fit and are way cheaper.
  4. Though other refills can be found for the LV Agenda I personally love the gilded edges that LV refills offer. Because LV doesn't offer a monthly dated w/tabs calendar I find myself turning to dayrunner refills. They too are less expensive. If LV offered the calendar that I need I would buy LV refills though.
  5. I picked up the LV inserts first when I bought my agenda just because they look soooo good. The price isnt outrageous (especially when compared to the price of the agenda itself! lol). I would say it was worth the money.