Agenda question

  1. In this era of Blackberrys and other PDAs, I'm amazed how many of you use agendas and how much you love your LV agendas. Would you ever switch to an electronic device (especially if they made an LV case for it) or are you that attached? Just wondering.
  2. I'm not a big electronic fan anyway. Some of my classes do not allow these devices to be used even for writing down assignments and honestly I wouldn't use one. I don't really even use my ipod all that much, I probably wouldn't have gotten one had it not been for my dad buying me one. I had a mini, but the battery wore out and would have been expensive to replace so that was when my dad got me the video ipod. I didn't ever really need one in the first place, but I do use it occasionally.
    Anyway like I said, I'm not a big electronic device fan...they can always fail and delete my notes etc. where as when I write things down on agenda pages, I know they'll always be there.
  3. Anyway like I said, I'm not a big electronic device fan...they can always fail and delete my notes etc. where as when I write things down on agenda pages, I know they'll always be there.

    I completely agree!

    I also put pics of my kids and DH in my agenda so my wallet stays more compact.
  4. I am the total opposite, electronic gadget FREAK! I just got my agenda this past February and prior to it I used two different Palms and Treo. I loved what they could do and esp. how it'd sync to my lap top (huge apple Mac Book Pro fan). I'd carry my PDA and wireless keyboard all over the place and whip it out to do things.

    Anyhow, I just got tired of dealing with battery issues with the PDAs. I'd spend tons on it and in a year something would go wrong. Now I just carry my lap top every where and have it sync to my Ipod and phone and use my LV vernis agenda for the calendar feature. It works much easier for me at the moment. I was never really good (fast) at inputting data into my PDA, syncing, etc. I write what I need to in my agenda then sit at my lap top and plug it into my calendar on my desktop.

    Next year I am planning on getting an Iphone but will still carry my agenda--it's just sooo pretty!!!
  5. I love my agenda ... Never wanted to use a PDA, to scared that all my stuff would sudddenly disapear. Plus the LV agendas is simply just too cute to not use them :graucho:

    Love my agenda ... Maybe i just need a bigger one soon, you get addicted to keeping a perfectly scheduled calender ;)
  6. I use both
  7. I use both ooo and the new agenda's coming out later (mono zippy agenda etc) are suitable for a blackberry etc
  8. I love my agenda and I use it as a wallet too. I like to make lists and write things out, some how it makes me feel better. I tried to use a old PDA of my husbands but I just could not get used to it.
  9. Just did, but I have to admit i miss being able to scribble.

    So until i'm 100% i'm getting rid of my agenda.

  10. I use both types. I have 3 paper/pen agendas (1 generic agenda for work and the others two are LV: one small and one medium) and a PDA. I find that despite the coolness of the PDA, I still refer to the paper agendas.
  11. I stopped using my agenda maybe 3-4 years ago, I hated carrying a cell and an agenda, so I bought a Treo.....I do miss being able to write quick notes here and there as I need too, and hoped that LV would make a case for the Treo, but it never I will probably get a desk agenda, unless some of the fall ones are hard to resist!!!
  12. I'm very glad this topic appeared, because lately, I've also been debating an (LV) agenda vs palm. I love gadgets, but I feel that I get stressed with too many gadgets around and with a palm that I always have to turn on and off and remember to keep charged etc at the same time as I really want a nice looking agenda (I'm thinking about black MC or Mono atm). I haven't made up my mind as I've decided to wait and see a few weeks once I start uni to see what I feel the need for myself, but still, it's a hard desicion :p
  13. will never have a PDA. i'm on the computer at home enough as it is, i don't need a portable one that gives me access to the internet everywhere i go. i'd be on it all the time and somtimes i just need to give my fingers a rest!
  14. You have a great point there. I used to have really neat, beautiful handwriting but since I've been on the computer for maybe 10-14 hours a day I can't write at all legibly (or spell for that matter). In fact, my bank keeps calling me because my signauture on my checks are always a mess and different from day to day!
  15. ^^^ yeah lol i probably won't have that problem for a while...still in school and they still make us write a ton.