Agenda question...

  1. I'm thinking about one of these agendas. Which one do you guys like better?? A damier koala or damier azur. Thanks;)
  2. Oh, gosh, such a hard choice! I own the damier koala and it is so classy. I also love all the azur accessories. It all comes down to your personal taste and what kind of bags you will put it in. They are both gorgeous! sorry, i am no help whatsoever
  3. Damier Koala vote here.

    Good luck with the decision! ;)
  4. Damier Koala for me too...
  5. Damier Koala agenda is so cute!
  6. Damier Koala, I love that closure, it is so cute!
  7. I'm going to vote Azur!!!! I love Azur!
  8. i'm gonna use it in my mono bags as well as my damier ones, so I'm not sure which goes better with mono.