Agenda Question? Help!

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  1. After reading TPF it inspires me to get an Agenda :idea: and help me to choose,please.

    My choices are:

    - Monogram Groom which I don't really like this line but I think it is better than normal LV :roflmfao:

    - Azur which match with my speedy but afriad it will getting dert :s (I'm a bit paraniod of old item. I always keep my stuffs in great condition and will never re-purchase the same items)

    - Monogram Vernis in new red color :love: . I love the color but it looks totally different from all my other accessories.

    - Epi in Red. I have matching wallet and card-holder and will probably buy a matching speedy in red too. The problem is I purchased my wallet and card-holder at different time and the color of both are now different. One is more darker. I don't want all my red epi has different red shade. :push:

    and I choose the small ring agenda version. Is it too small? or reasonable size? I will put the agenda in my handbag and Is this size is OK? :rolleyes:

    Thank you so much! :yahoo: No LV and Damier in Ebony, please.
  2. What about reg. damier koala agenda? I have it and I love it. Since you have azur speedy, it would be a nice complement.
  3. Oh! I didn't see it in the LV,UK site. Only see the Koala agenda in Ebony. Thank you for letting me know.
  4. i'd get either or

    Monogram Groom
    - Monogram Vernis in new red color :love:
    - Epi in Red. I
  5. so...Which one is the best?:roflmfao:
  6. Sorry, Vicky! I just read the last line of your first post about no ebony damier. The regular (ebony) damier koala agenda is the one I was referring to. I don't think they make azur agenda yet, but i might be wrong.
  7. That's OK :smile: and thank you for come back to answer me again
  8. I would pick the Vernis, because I just got one too.
  9. I choose vernis because I love red color..
  10. I would choose the vernis in pomme. I love the color. I have a Med. mono one, but I'm really loving the small size in Vernis. It would easily fit in a bag. My Med. size stays at home.
  11. vernis pomme for me. the color is TDf
  12. I would choose vernis, if not, then the epi.
  13. I jsut got a small framboise agenda and it is great size. Fits in all my LVs (right now it is in my Speedy 25). The pomme damour is beautiful in person. So far I haven't had to treat the vernis with too much care. I leave my agenda in my bag uncovered. I think I saw an azur agenda when I bought mine two weeks ago (but I could be imagining it).

    Good luck!
  14. After reading all the posts here on TPF I just ordered the Vernis in Framboise from ELux. It really is a perfect size and will help me stay organized. I have a large Kate Spade one, but it is way too big for my needs. I can't wait to get mine, hubby doesn't know it but he just bought my Valentines Day gift...
  15. Oooh! you're going to LOVE it!!! I love mine it is soooo pretty! DOn't forget to check for other inserts. I bought a bunch and they came really fast! Mine was my valentine's day gift from my DH as well.