agenda problem: i can't decide >_<

  1. please help me. i don't know why i am being so indecisive which i am usually not when it comes to LV.

    i just came back from vegas with a small agenda in black epi leather. i wanted one in mandarin orange but my mom liked the black better. when i showed my bf the color choices online, he picked the mandarin orange :Push: .

    and now i am thinking of trying to find a panda agenda. i already have a panda wallet. would it be too much panda in my purse?

    or should i get something else?

    thanks in advance:flowers: .
  2. Why don't you get a mandarin one instead of panda, they are so cute in epi line!
  3. i would exchange the black for the madarin one. :yes:
  4. I agree exchange the black for mandarin;)
  5. Go panda ! I think it'd be nice to have one fun agenda and one professional one. So the black epi is good for work and the such, and the panda one for when you're out and about.
  6. I agree with the mandarin epi, very classy!
  7. How about an agenda in red epi? That would go well with your Panda wallet too! :idea:
  8. Love the mandarin! Have it in speedy 25, pochette cles, pocket organizer, and accessory pochette! LOVE all want more!
  9. I would go with the panda, I don't think it would be too much. It's just so cute!
  10. I like the mandarin better but it's what YOU love most that matters.
  11. i have the PANDA, and i'm loving it!!! i wear at all the time...
    but i like to mix match my lv line, so i mixed my panda organizer, with a black mc PTI, and a white mc carnet & cles in my handbags. i prefer this than having the same line inside my bag.
    2 panda is cute, but maybe i wouldn't use it in the same time.
    which wallet do u have? a long one or fold? i so envy u...
  12. I'd go Panda
  13. i love your panda agenda :love: i saw it when i did "agenda" search. i would die if i had the long panda wallet because i love that one more than the billfold which is the one i have. unfortunately the only long one available is on ebay with a $900 something price :Push: . but i still love my billfold wallet!
  14. ah!! i was looking at that one too. and you are so right about it matching with my panda wallet:yes: .
  15. thanks everyone for your input:flowers:

    it looks like i will be exchanging the black epi for either a mandarin or trying to find a panda elsewhere.